Frequently Asked Questions Regarding OrionChat Network

Q:) What is the age i must be to use OrionChat?

A:) You must be over 16 years old to use this website. We feel this a reasonable age limit.

Q:) Is this service totally free or do i pay for anything?

A:) There is no charge to use this Service at all.

Q:) Do i have to register an Account to use OrionChat ?

A:) Absolutly NOT, But by registering you are securing your Username and you will have access to Member Features.

Q:) I think this Site would benefit from a new Feature i have in mind what shall i do?

A:) Simply use the contact Form and explain your ideas. The team will be happy to take on board anything you have in mind.

Q:) Are there any Rules here on OrionChat ?

A:) Yes there are. Please view our Chat-Rules and Network-Rules.

Q:) Can i become a Staff-Memeber of OrionChat ?

A:) Yes ! You can apply for ChanOP or RadioDJ. Please read the ChanOp-Rules/DJ-Rules BEFORE you contact us here:    

 Now thats the boring stuff out the way. Come in Chat,  say hello and meet some of the Users.

 Have Fun, OrionChat Team....

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