A very brief guide to getting started using our network and general Commands.

Your Nick Commands.
/msg Nickserv Register (password) (email) - Register your nick on our network.
/msg NickServ Identify (Password)   - Identify your username on our network.

General Room Setup.
/cs register #(room name) description password - Use this command to create your rooms.
/msg botserv assign #(room name) chanserv - Used to assign a bot to your Room.
/cs set persist #(room name) on - Keep your Room open even if there are no users available.

Room owner commands.
                                         Temp  Operator Status
/Mode #(room name) +a - Set someone as temp admin of your room.
/Mode #(room name) +h - Set someone as temp half operator of your room.
/Mode #(room name) +v - Set someone as Voiced in your room.

                                          Perminant Operator Status
/msg ChanServ ACCESS channel ADD nick level.
/msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS LEVELS for more specific information.

Please note all perminant status for chanops -Users must be registered first.

Site Wide Network Commands.
/whois   - Displays information on a user that is online.
/whoiwas - Shows information on someone that was on the network
/!seen   - View when a person was last seen on the network.
/admin   - View the owner of the network
/ignore  - View people that you have on ignore
/mode +D - Disable Private Messages
/mode -D - Enable Private Messages
/away (set message) - Shows people you are away when the mention your name.
/away off - Notifies that you are back in the room.

Please view our acrnoym guide for chat room abreviations or Contact Us if you are having problems.
Alternativly you may ask a member of staff in the chat rooms where they will be happy to assist you.

Chat Room Stats

  Network Sync Info

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