★★★    CHANOP-RULES and REGISTRATION of Channels    ★★★


Chatters can actually not register own Channels on OrionChat. We have over 60 Channels registered and will let 

pass some time to decide if we keep it like this or if we allow Chatters to register own Channels. 


★ You have good reasons, that YOUR CHANNEL SHOULD BE REGISTERED 

    Then you can apply that we register your Channel and if we agree, you become ChanOP-Acess. 

    As ChanOp you agree with our ChanOp-Rules and Network-Rules and you manage the Channel. We wont interfere usually. 



    Then you can apply for ChanOP in any registered [Private Channel].  

    [Orion Channels] are operated only by IRCops at the moment, eventually we will add ChanOPs in Future. 

    As ChanOp you agree with our ChanOp-Rules and Network-Rules and you manage the Channel. We wont interfere usually. 


!!! Please do read our ChanOP-Rules below before you apply :) !!!

Application for the registration of a Channel and/or for ChanOP  : 

>>>>> BUTTON <<<<<

All IRCops will decide, if the Channel/ChanOP is accepted or not.



★★★    CHANOP-RULES for all [Orion Channels] and most [Private Channels]    ★★★


Exeptions or diffrences of the Rules are possible in few cases! Do note in your application which Rule you would like to remove/change and why. We are open-minded for critic, new ideas and inputs!

 1. You are a REGULAR Chatter on OrionChat since minimum 2 months.

 2. You are NOT ChanOp because you like to powerabuse. 

 3. You feel excited to mute/kick/ban Chatters unnecessary or for fun? Then this is NOT THE RIGHT NETWORK for you!

 4. You are friendly and respectful to others. ChanOps have the SAME RULES as Chatters!

 5. You do treat Chatters fair and equal. Favoritism in opping is here NOT allowed. 

 6. You are NOT past-caring and will not punish for what a Chatter did hours or longer ago.

 7. You will NOT DEAL with arguments/problems by insulting/muting/kicking/banning someone unfairly. 

 8. You do CONTACT an IRCop and try to find a solution if you have a problem with a Chatter or any other Network-Related issue.

 9. You are willed to be on OrionChat REGULARY (in general minimum 5 hours per week).

10. You do know common COMMANDS or you are willed to learn them. Check out our COMMANDLIST: https://orionchat.com/commands


11. You do set the NOOP command. This does NOT automatically OP you if you join the Channel. >>>>>command

12. You take time to arrive and CHECK whats going on in Chat BEFORE you OP. 

13. You do type to get OPPED: !up or !op and to get DEOPPED you type: !down or !deop

14. You do ALWAYS join #Operators and #Help WHILE you are OPPED in one or several Channels. 

15  You will DEOP #Help if you are busy/away or cant be arsed to reply/help Chatters.

16. You do FOLLOW/MODERATE the Channel and interact with Chatters, WHILE you are OPPED and ON DUTY. 

17. You try to HELP if Chatters have Network-Related questions/problems or you advice them to join #Help.

18. You INFORM Chatters and ask for patience if you are in Stress or too busy to reply. Do NOT be rude or ignore while on duty.

19. You do TAKE A BREAK and DEOP if you feel uncomfortable/depressed/overhelmed/angry/sad for personal or/and Chat-related reasons. 

20. You are aware that OPPING can be exhausting and cause/increase a bad condition/mood. 


21. You CHANGE your Nick to brb/away or DEOP before you leave the screen or if you are too busy to follow the Chat.

22. You are only RESPONSIBLE for whats happening in the Channel, if you are OPPED. 

23. You are NOT on duty if u are DEOPPED, and a Chatter with NO OBLIGATIONS (espect following the Network-Rules!).

24. You explain to Chatters that we only operate the Channel if we are OPPED (if they bother you with OP-Issues while you are DEOPPED).

25. You do APOLOGIZE if you did a mistake to a Chatter. Eventually you can explain why it came to it.

26. You do INFORM an IRCop DIRECTLY if you spot ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY or if you find a Chatter should be banned permanently.

27. You do add EVIDENCE to your Accusiation/Report against a Chatter. IRCops will decide what will be done.

28. You INFORM Chatters, that REPORTS have to be done DIRECTLY #Help (type: !report #channel nick problem) or via Ticket (including evidence).

29. You TELL Chatters (if needed), that we do NOT search in LOGS of what happened weeks/days/hours ago. 

30. You INFORM that we do NOT deal with REPORTS about issues while we are ABSENT, espect very serious/extreme VIOLATIONS of our Rules.


31. You do TELL Chatters that we do NOT handle REPORTS of PMs/Notices/Memos, espect very serious/extreme VIOLATIONS of our Rules.  

32. You do EXPLAIN that we require EVIDENCE (Screenshot, Log with Channelname, Nick, Date, Timestamp) if REPORTS are done NOT DIRECTLY

33. You do INFORM Chatters about the /ignore nick COMMAND, if useful or needed.  

34. You are CAREFUL about what you share with Chatters. Bad Chatters may use your personal Details/Pictures/Videos against you!

35. You do inform an IRCop if you take a CHAT-BREAK (longer than 2 weeks). We do NOT like to worry that something bad happened to you!

36. You CONTACT an IRCop if you have a problem/new ideas/wishes or if you dislike something on the Network.

37. You wont discuss diffrences between the STAFF in any Channel, espect #Operators and what is said there, stays there :)

38. You are aware that we appreciate much that you are willing to spend your time and effort for our Network and we THANK YOU for that

39. You are willed to create YOUR ACCOUNT on our SocialNetwork Site :D  here >>> https://www.orionchat.com/social/

For us its more important to be interactive with Chatters and build trust than to permanently observe them and tell them to behave over little things. If the Channel is not busy or in a good atmosphere, we prefer that you deOp. Often, people tend to chat more freely if they see no OP lol. Chatters have to learn that if we are not opped, we are not obliged to handle if a Chatter misbehaves. There is always the /ignore option and we sometimes just want to be "normal chatters" which can talk to people relaxed without paying attention at everything permanently. Eventually u can use 2 nicks. One if you are focused to operate and one which you use as Chatter with no obligations.