★★★    MUTE/KICK/BAN-REASONS for all [Orion Channels] and most [Private Channels]    ★★★


RULE 1 ★ permanent Abuse/Harassment/Insulting/Slandering/Defamation/Blackmailing/Threatening/Bullying of other Chatters is not allowed

RULE 2 ★ sharing private Informations, Pictures and Videos of another Chatter without Permission is not allowed

RULE 3 ★ permanent Flooding/Spamming/Ascii is not allowed

                  more than 10 lines are considered as Flooding, also sharing less lines permanently again and again

                  if you need to paste a large text, please use https://paste.orionchat.com or https://pastebin.com 

RULE 4 ★ any illegal Activity 

                  this includes for example: hacking, distribution of childporn, sharing files which are protected by copyright, etc 

RULE 5 ★ Nicks which Abuse/Defame/Disrespect/Impersonate other Chatters and/or which Promote/Show illegal Activities are not allowed  

                 we are not strict with inappropriate Nicks. if you feel annoyed by a Nickname, you can use the ignore Command (type: /ignore nickname)

RULE 6 ★ Chatters under 16 are not allowed on our Network

RULE 7 ★ Server Attacks, malicious Bots 


Some [Private Channels] may have different/less strict Rules !! For example: RULE 3 is allowed #Ascii_Flood.

Please be aware that OrionChat is not permanently moderated and does not take any responsibility for Users actions. 

Operators do only operate the Channel if they are opped and on duty. A deopped Operator is a Chatter with no OP-obligations.


 ★    How to REPORT VIOLATIONS against Chat-Rules    


★ Reports have to be done directly. Operators do not search in Logs of what happened weeks/days/hours ago

★ Join #Help and type: !report #channelname nickname problem ( example: !report #Lobby chatterXY 00:10:03<chatterXY> I am 14 years old )


★ Contact us here: https://www.orionchat.com/social/contact and fill the form ( including evidence )

★ Operators do require evidence of the violation (Screenshot, Log with Channelname, Nickname, Date, Timestamp)

★ Issues which are happening while no Operator is present, cant be reported,  espect very serious/extreme Violations of our Rules

★ Operators do not handle Reports of PMs/Notices/Memos, espect very serious/extreme Violations of our Rules  


The Usage of OrionChat.com is a privilege, not a right. Operators do give Chatters chances to change inappropiate behavior, but permanent/persistent violation of the Chat-Rules may end with a Network ban.