Do Strangers Make Better friends

Having no friends online would be a huge lie to anyone if said, In my opinion, while making friends worldwide in almost every social network, not having buddies in the net would actually be something pretty wrong. I’m not ashamed to make friends online, you know why? Because i think they are one hell of good friends! And you know, talking to a stranger is way more easier on the net than talking to someone you know!

Have you ever had those moments when you can’t find anyone to talk with, because sincerely you were just closed up on yourself, and no one came to make you feel better?? Then comes along this ” stranger” that can instantly makes you smile without even an effort, with him being a good listener and a great moral support?

I always used to pretend that everything was alright, pulling off a fake smile, fake laughs, and even fake feelings in front of people i knew. Then later on just let everything out on your online friend’s shoulder. I was so depressed and down for the last couple of years, even tough, some of the closest people in my life weren’t aware of that, but my online buddies did.

You don’t want anyone to see you in that state, all clumped up and sad, so you try to put it all up for god’s sake and just try to not get caught in this horrible mess you’re in. You feel like you are going to let people in your entourage down. So you gather up all those mixed up feelings and build them over and over. Then you decide to go open your friends chat instead, and tell them everything that upsets you and makes you feel uncomfortable . The main point is that these ” virtual ” friends are always ready whenever you have problems or issues, and can listen to you carefully since they do not know you specifically, and their advices can be more over beneficial than an actual person telling you what to do.

Most of your family or friends will actually whether contradict you, get bored, or aren’t even available contradicting your online buddies, that are always present and ready to cheer you up whenever possible. It seems like that people who are around you are from another planet, yet the persons you meet online are the persons you should meet and live with!

Talking to strangers is kind of beneficial, as you ensure that you build up your confidence and principles, it is always going to reveal your inner self . Strangers are always here to listen no matter what problems they encounter since they feel very delighted to meet people who are prepared to hear them and encourage them for their lives, while it is a great way of escapism from their own world. Maybe it’s due to the fact that chances are very low to meet someone in person while knowing him in the net,but who knows?

Meeting a stranger actually too is an adventure, where no one knows anything about you, your past, your mistakes and your regret, it is surely a fresh start. They can only judge you when they start knowing you, and of course you can make them know what you want!

Remaining buddies with complete strangers always stays a soul and self relief as it enlighten the self and makes it very enthusiastic with life. For a conclusion, no matter where you are, when you are, or how you are, there is always going to be someone here for you, in person, or online, all what matters is that there is that ” someone”.

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